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the beauty of Morocco

we going to post some pictures of some most touristy destinations in Morocco. In fact , when you travel in Morocco you see a kind of contrast in terms of culture, architecture also the landscape .So when you have chance to come to Morocco ,we will welcome you warmly and be happy to take you around.
This photo was taken in Chefchoune which is called the Moroccan bleu city.It is a small city in the Rif mounatin , far from from Tanger about 120 Km to the south east. It has an old city which goes back to 1471 and it was founded by the Cherif Moulay Ali Ben Rachid. The old city or the medina , as it is called, has a kind of narrow streets which run up and down the steep sides of Jbel Magou.
Many tourists all year around go to visit this peacful place. It has many things to see like the Tlasmtan National park with its wafterfalls ,Kasabah ,...Etc.

This city is called Essaouira. It is located on the Atlantic ocean coast .This one looks a bite like the bleu city but it is still defferent from it . The old city called Mogador , seems to defy the ocean. In this city the shipyyards trawlers are built by tradtional methods ,using teak and eucalyptus.It has aslo a kind of fascinating souks like on the second picture. you can find leather, wooden crafts, Murex ,the mollusk that scretes a purple dye, carpts and many other things.It is also a good place for shoting movies.

This is an ancient Kasabah called the Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah . It is located in Ourzazar which is called the Moroccan hollywood thanks to its lanscape which very diverse and which is good for making movies. This fortified village has been classified by UNSCO as one of the word's cultural treasures. none knows exactly when this village was built but we are all sure that is is very old and it was already there during the times of camel caravans which goes back to the 11 century . Today it is also a Kasbah which everyone who to see Morocco put on the list.
This is a natutal canyon in the lower Atlas Mountain. This mouatin got a lot of rock formations as if they were handmade . It is a very dry mountains due the lack of rain , because it is close to the desert. 
This is the high Atlas Mouantain in winter time. It snows like 3 times in winter and the snow stay like 5 months covered the pics of the mounatin .This one consist as well of deep valleys , almost bottomedless canyons, craggy peaks and mounatontops eroded by wind and rain unlike the lower atlas mounatin.
Also do not forget the desert to spend an over night in this golden sand dunes. As you can see in the picture there a camp and that one has everything !!!showers, toilets ...whatever you need. And the main transprtaion here is camel , a ride of one hour and a half to get the middel of the dunes where you will see a kind of lanscape that makes you think that the whole of the world around you is just sand.

Monday, 15 February 2016


In the morning at 8:00 am you will start the tour with an English speaking driver .the first day tour take around 8 hours driving including stops and lunch time and visit time for the interests. You will drive through the High Atlas Mountains to grasp what is a typical berber village and the traditional way of living in morocco. You will see as well spring shepherds and herdsmen, who are sedentary farmers, leave their villages, the highest of which are situated at 6,500 fee t, and begin their transhumance towards the high pastures. After you cross the highest pass in morocco which is called ‘Col du Ticka’, it’s about 7,415 feet, you will arrive the fortified village of Ait Benhaddou .after or before lunch you will go for a walk in the village which consist of a maze of luxury apartments, simple pisé houses and crenelated towers which are lavishly decorated with geometric motifs. And many movies were shot in the village like games of throne, gladiator…after that you will drive to the Moroccan Hollywood .this city is the crossroads of the main routes leading to the Drra valley,Sous valley and the Dades valley .this city was built by the French as the garrison in the late can visit one of the cinema studios and a famous Kasbah called Taorirt .later on drive to the Dades valley through the capital of roses Kella Mgouna .over night in  a hotel in the Dades groge.
After breakfast in your hotel, you will drive to the sahara .you will enjoy seeing the kasabh of Ait arbi ,built at the foot of volcanic rocks, and Tamnalt ,known as the ‘valley of human bodies’ ,where rocks on one of the cliff faces have been eroded into what looks like the soles of human feet.and the locals call it the ‘monkey feet’.and after that you will go back till the administrative center of Boumalne –du –Dades.then drive to the Todgha gorge  via the Oasis of todgha valley to see the dense and extensive palm grove and go up to the gorge .you will enjoy looking to the most spectacular section of the gorges ,where for a distance of 110 yards the narrow corridor between the sheer,towering walls of rock (985 feet high) is only 65 feet wide .it’s as well the best place for rock climbers.and after that you will drive back the valley and later on Tinjdad, stop for lunch . Then continue the trip to  the desert via Erfoud and Rissani. Just after you get the desert, you will relax for a while then ride the camels to the middle of the desert for the night. Sleep in an equipped Berber camp.
In the morning after you see the sunrise in the camp ,you will camel back to the hotel for breakfast and shower.and then travel either back to Marrakech through the same way,or to Fes.if it is will drive through the Ziz valley.and stop for a nice veiw to the vast oais of Ziz .you will drive as well through the Ziz gorges ,which are sliced through the imposing rock faces that presage the rise of the high atlas in the west,are an indication of the former power of the Ziz.then through Hammat moulay ali cherif ,Rich,then Midelt.this town is bulit at the foot of the Jebel Ayachi,whose summit (12,260feet) is covered in snow for a large part of the year.lunch in resturant.after lunch you will drive through the middel atlas mountain and stop in cedar forest to see the a kind of monkies called ‘the Barbery apes’ then to the swiss style moroccan city of Ifrane.from here Fes is just 60 KM and around 6:00pm your driver will drop you off in Fes.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Some places to visit in Morocco and littel bite of history

In this page i would like to post some pictures of some places that tourists go to visit in Morocco. In fact ,there are other places that i will not put on this page but i will post them later.
Our work as a tourist agent is to show and describe  the spots to which we take our clients. Just lets keep in touch and we will teach you about Morocco.
 lets start with the moroccan bleu city that everyone likes!!

Chefchouen : the bleu town shimmers like a mirgae in the bleu and white ,especially when you approach it. It has narrow streets which run up and down the steep sides of the Jebel Magou. The strreets are painted bleu along with the gate doors which form an amazing lookng to the town.Why this city is called Chefchouen it is because it nestles between two mountains known together as Jebel Ech Chaouen ( horned Mountain)

This ramaprts are located in the moroccan imperial city of Meknes. The rampart on the top is called Bab Lhemis, it is one of the main gates around the old Medina or city in Meknes. This gate was the main entrance to the ' garden city' and the former Mellah , built during the 17 century on a site that Moulay ismail gave to a Jewish doctor who had cured one one of the royal prinsesses. It is richly decorated with brightly colored curvilinear motifs and Kufic script.
and down the Bad Lhemis is the Bad Mansour, named after the Christian converted to Islam who built it.It is the most beautiful gate in Morocco. , was the last architectural project undertaken on the orders of Moulay Ismail. And Moulay ismail if the founder of the city of Meknes.

Lets take you again to the Atlantic Ocean coast to Essaouira which is the town of arts and crafts
.It satnds on a peninsula that is permanently swpt by the trade winds. Its year-round temperate climate made it popular with navigators in classical antiquity . The PHoenicians also called there is the 8th centuray BC. In 1949 Orson Welles chose the imposing battlements as the setting for the outside shots of Othello, the film of the Shkespearean .

Skoura in the central south east of Morocco where this Kasabah located . It is in a fertile oasis , renowned for the cultivation of roses and it was founded in the 12th centuray by Yacoub el Mansour and named after its original inhabitants , the Berbers of the Haskourene.
This kasabh is called the Amerhidil Kasabh which was once beloned to the most powerful family resposible for prtecting the villageand its land. You can visit this place if you are going for a desert tour from Fes or Marrakech.
And at the end i like always to post pictures of this beautiful animal. Normally this animal called a Dromedary not a camel because camels have two hamps and this one has only one. This animal is used by the Moroccans as a draft animal . Plains dromedaries tend to be leaner ,while the moutain dromedaries have thicker coats

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