Saturday, 16 January 2016

Some places to visit in Morocco and littel bite of history

In this page i would like to post some pictures of some places that tourists go to visit in Morocco. In fact ,there are other places that i will not put on this page but i will post them later.
Our work as a tourist agent is to show and describe  the spots to which we take our clients. Just lets keep in touch and we will teach you about Morocco.
 lets start with the moroccan bleu city that everyone likes!!

Chefchouen : the bleu town shimmers like a mirgae in the bleu and white ,especially when you approach it. It has narrow streets which run up and down the steep sides of the Jebel Magou. The strreets are painted bleu along with the gate doors which form an amazing lookng to the town.Why this city is called Chefchouen it is because it nestles between two mountains known together as Jebel Ech Chaouen ( horned Mountain)

This ramaprts are located in the moroccan imperial city of Meknes. The rampart on the top is called Bab Lhemis, it is one of the main gates around the old Medina or city in Meknes. This gate was the main entrance to the ' garden city' and the former Mellah , built during the 17 century on a site that Moulay ismail gave to a Jewish doctor who had cured one one of the royal prinsesses. It is richly decorated with brightly colored curvilinear motifs and Kufic script.
and down the Bad Lhemis is the Bad Mansour, named after the Christian converted to Islam who built it.It is the most beautiful gate in Morocco. , was the last architectural project undertaken on the orders of Moulay Ismail. And Moulay ismail if the founder of the city of Meknes.

Lets take you again to the Atlantic Ocean coast to Essaouira which is the town of arts and crafts
.It satnds on a peninsula that is permanently swpt by the trade winds. Its year-round temperate climate made it popular with navigators in classical antiquity . The PHoenicians also called there is the 8th centuray BC. In 1949 Orson Welles chose the imposing battlements as the setting for the outside shots of Othello, the film of the Shkespearean .

Skoura in the central south east of Morocco where this Kasabah located . It is in a fertile oasis , renowned for the cultivation of roses and it was founded in the 12th centuray by Yacoub el Mansour and named after its original inhabitants , the Berbers of the Haskourene.
This kasabh is called the Amerhidil Kasabh which was once beloned to the most powerful family resposible for prtecting the villageand its land. You can visit this place if you are going for a desert tour from Fes or Marrakech.
And at the end i like always to post pictures of this beautiful animal. Normally this animal called a Dromedary not a camel because camels have two hamps and this one has only one. This animal is used by the Moroccans as a draft animal . Plains dromedaries tend to be leaner ,while the moutain dromedaries have thicker coats

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