Tuesday, 1 May 2018

some geological history of Morocco

"Morocco is like a tree nourished by roots deep in the soil of Africa ,which breathes through floiage rustling to the winds of Europe" King Hassan 2 of Morocco.
In terms of the climate , it is a cold country with a hot sun . This is how Moroccan people describe their land .Because of its coastline ,which borders both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean ,and the high barriers formed by its mountain ranges ,Morocco has the widest range of climates of all the North African countries .Percipitation falls mainly in spring and autumn and the summers are hot and dry .
Although this subtropical climate is similar to that of the maritime regions of California and Southern Europe ,it varies considerably according to latitude and altitude ( sea level ,desert and high mountain ranges )and to the effects of winds and currents .
The geological history of Morocco can be summarized in three stages . More than two billion years ago the Anti Atlas and part of the southern morocco were formed .During the primary period the sea engulfed the land ,bringing about the apperarance of marine life .At the end of this period , the collision of the Aferican ,European and American plates resulted in the formation of the central plates and granite such as the Zaers . During the tertiary period the western and eastern Meseta , the High and Middel Atlas and the Rif Mountains werer formed .The legacy of this geological acitvity is a land rich in fossils and a wide variety of minerals .
The High Atlas ,which forms a frontier between the palearctic and tropical regions of Morocco ,is the highest mountain range in North Africa .These arid mountains consist of vast plateaux deep valleys ,almost bottomless canyons ,craggy peaks and mountaintops eroded by wind and rain . The northern slopes are mainly forsted with holm oaks ,thujas ,cedars and Aleppo pines growing at mid-altitude .

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