Monday, 2 November 2015

welcome to travelwithinmorocco's tours in Morocco

Morocco is a magical country .There is the imperial cities ,the beaches,the mountains and the desert. It depends on your budget, you can do a tour around morocco just in 3 days or even more and you will see diffrent things. you can start am imperial tour from casablanca and go to visit Meknes and Fes just in one day trip.There is also north of morocco with its magical colors , like Chechouen known as the bleu city of Morocco. you can start an 8 days trip from casablanca to Chechouen then Fes to the desert to enjoy the unique sand dunes of African to the Mountains of the high Atlas to enjoy walking through the gorgous and see the beautifull artcicture on the Kasabhs in the Dades valley then the moroccan hollywood,Ourzazat ,where many famous movies were choot like Gladiotor ,lawrence of arabia and others. In this 8 days tour ,you will have enough time to discover Marrakech with its delicous meals like Tgains , Tanjiyya and Couscous. Marrakech has a famous palaca called Jamma lfna where moroccans and tourists gather during the night to see the snakecharmers and dancers. This places get active from 5 PM .For the accomodation ,you can stay in the moroccan Riads, an old familly house that is returned to something like a hotel in the old city. They are so well-occupied with nice rooms and very welcoming people work inside. Marrakech also in located in a very startigic place, it is close to the mountinas and to the breach like Essaouira beach. And from Marrakech as well you can do a 2 days trip to Zagoura to do the camel trel or a 3 days trip to Mzerouga to see the golden sand dunes and the camel trek.
However, travelwithinmorocco orgnise all this kind of tours and its a tailor made company that has always paitent to make up a tour that suits your teast.
you are always walcome to Morocco!

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